Advanced BBCodes

Addons Advanced BBCodes 1.8.6

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Supports the following general bb-codes:
  • abbr
  • accordion
  • article
  • bimg
  • encadre
  • gview
  • latex
  • slider
  • xtable (TinyQuattro compatible, much more advanced than XF2.1 built-in version)
  • tabs
  • time
  • justify
  • sub
  • sup
  • hr (can be a self-closing tag)
  • h1
  • h2
  • h3
  • h4
  • fleft/fright - float left/right
Editor dialogs

The following bb-code have pop-up editor dialogs for creating new instances, but not for full editing;
  • abbr
  • accordion
  • anchor
  • article
  • bimg
  • encadre
  • fieldset
  • latex
  • slider
  • tabs
  • time
  • mod bb-code

Compatibility shim
  • Spoilerbb rewrites to XF native spoiler
  • Rewrite XF native spoiler to non-blurry spoiler
Moderator only bb-code
  • alert
  • warning
  • stop
  • information
If Threadmarks Pro (paid) add-on is installed&active, these will automatically create a threadmark in the defined category (see 'Threadmark category Id' option).

If SVG Template (free) add-on is installed&active, an SVG icon is added besides the warning banner.

Other features
  • Enriched support for copy & pasting from Discord to XenForo's Rich Text Editor
  • Per-style option to add a word counter to the editor
  • Support for making [size] and [ident] bb-codes output rem units instead of px (allows font-scaling)
  • Option to enable transparent color support
  • Per-device option to show text with 'transparent' color as inline-spoiler via toggle on each post
  • Add abs/parse_less_func template functions
  • The list of "moderator only" bb-code can be adjusted
  • The list of "auto-threadmark if used" bb-code can be adjusted
  • Sort bb-code's by title in admincp bb-code list

article-1.png bimg517cecc492e57aee.png encadre9a8b7fdee68904a4.png fieldset78d89f1bb8d7633b.png frightc41a301ff6d5a6ba.png gview4bf5fe64ee49264c.png informationbad15e5187ff0b90.png latex45e6f12f74afd2e7.png slider970e0f7b09451431.png stopedad68cd20b0a7e1.png tabs1a3c82144b6df67d.png time3ef948d72ce04cb9.png warningc55f528ac9cbc161.png accordion483e0452a66442c4.png alert2c0915b8ccde7059.png article2f795b397cec4d7b.png
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