1. Marks-Man

    CVE PHP/PHP-FPM 0day DDoS Vulnerability

    0Day DDOS Vulnerability That Targets All PHP Versions. Which causes PHP Memory Overflow & Triggers 503 Unavailable Service.
  2. Marks-Man

    Traffic Bot How strong is TBOT (TheJavaSea Botnet)?

  3. Marks-Man

    CVE CVE-2021-42340 | Apache Tomcat Memory Leaks (Denial Of Service)

    CVE-2021-42340 | Apache Tomcat Memory Leaks (Denial Of Service) Vulnerability Details : CVE-2021-42340 The fix for bug 63362 present in Apache Tomcat 10.1.0-M1 to 10.1.0-M5, 10.0.0-M1 to 10.0.11, 9.0.40 to 9.0.53 and 8.5.60 to 8.5.71 introduced a memory leak. The object introduced to collect...
  4. Marko

    Discussions How strong is TBOT (TheJavaSea Botnet)?

    How strong is TBOT (TheJavaSea Botnet) ? Just wanted to show users small test ;) Video Submitted ------
  5. Marks-Man

    HowTo How To Use TheJavaSea [TBot Runner] ?

    Extract Zip, Edit URLs.txt >> Add your links Run Tbot.exe > Configure Number of Browser/Threads >> Download New Proxies (Or Select your own list). For Example I want 30 Threads (Edit No. Of Browsers). After you finish configuration close the application and run TBotRunner.exe Press on...
  6. Marko

    Tutorials How to choose the best VPS provider ? [TBOT] Stress test!!

    Hello Guys, Please note that this tutorial is only for testing purposes, so I decided to do following stress tests by using TBOT program on following providers: So in order to start my test I had to download different proxies from different providers and merge them , then check them via TBOT...
  7. Marks-Man

    [TheJavaSea] TBOT - Traffic Bot / Proxy Checker / TCP BOT Flooder (Multi Threaded + Multi Instances) 1.0

    AIO (ALL In One Kit) Specially made for SEO optimization , Traffic Generation , and Stress Testing websites. Features: Unlimited Traffic Generation (1K+ Visitors) Proxy Grabber / Proxy Checker (Multi Threaded). Traffic Bot (Multi Threaded + Multi Instances Launcher via TBot Runner). Proxy...