1. Marks-Man

    XML RPC Ping SEO Tool 1.0

    XML-RPC Ping Tool purpose is to help you index your posts faster via pinging jobs. Features: Ping Single URLs Ping Bulk URLs (XML Sitemaps, RSS) Add Custom XML RPC Websites Use Custom Proxies, User Agents, Referrers Schedule Pings XML-RPC Ping Tool provides a straightforward software...
  2. Marks-Man

    Official XML RPC Ping SEO Tool

    Marks-Man submitted a new resource: XML RPC Ping Tool - XML RPC Ping Tool helps you index your posts faster Read more about this resource...
  3. Marks-Man

    Linux MTU Auto Adjustment Hacks via IPTABLES! V1.0

    Custom Complex IPTables Rules (For Advanced Networking). Written by @Marks-Man Specialized to : Enhance Ping/Latency. Faster Browsing / DNS Resolving. Enhanced Streaming (Upload & Download Speed). Auto Drop TTL Levels for Invalid MTU packet size. Remove ECN from TCP packet. Dynamic MTU Size...