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Hope you are all doing well,

we have been discussing new policy with users, and will start taking the correct actions regarding the content that contains LINKVERTISE links 🤯

No need to worry, you have done nothing wrong, but we as community can't continue with the issues we are dealing with.

Main Issue:
TheJavaSea always allowed the freedom of content to be posted, but we are already blacklisted on Google Search due to many reports.

Content Posting Guidelines:

we will start monitoring all content randomly and hiring new moderators

1. Every single Linkvertise link that points to any paste site or link, Telegram, should be mentioned inside all posts Linkvertise, Paste sites,
otherwise all content will be deleted without any further notice.

2. Child Porn is not allowed.

3. any complaints can be sent to me regarding any removals.
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That's Good (y)(y)(y)