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My website have subdomain page with Our Product details.
There is a product page in website also. but 2 content are different and also SEO related meta tags are different. I am using different keywords on that pages for promotion

Product page is indexed in Google and keywords are ranking. but subdomain page is not ranking with keywords. why this happened? anybody please share your thoughts.

subdomian is not good for SEO?. or how can I promote this subdomain page without lose my main website ranking


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First, you will have to add the subdomain
via Google Webmaster Tools.

I noticed this issue will happen if the main product on the sub-domain is redirected with 300 redirects which are recently considered not that good for SEO, but still this data is not actually verified.

Try to generate sitemap for the sub-domain separately, have 2 different sitemaps.

Kindly post your domain & subdomain links so I can check.