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Udemy –Build Your own Self Driving Car | Deep Learning, OpenCV, C++ 2020-6


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Build Your own Self Driving Car | Deep Learning, OpenCV, C ++ is an IoT training course focused on self-driving cars published by Yodemi Academy. In this course, you will use various technologies such as Raspberry Pi computer boards, Arduino UNO board, image processing technology, virtual neural networks, machine learning techniques, etc., and are familiar with the use of each of these tools in the world of the Internet of Things. You will. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two modern technologies that will have many job opportunities in the near future.

The development of IoT-based systems has specific and separate steps and processes that you will learn about in all of these processes. Among the most important topics covered in this course are hardware design, initial installation of Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, establishing communication links between devices and different parts of the car, image processing with OpenCV4, various techniques Machine learning and… pointed out.

What in the course Build Your own Self Driving Car | You will learn Deep Learning, OpenCV, C ++:​

  • Initial installation of Raspberry Pi board version 3 in various IoT projects
  • Build image processing systems using OpenCV4 and implement it on various platforms
  • Troubleshoot any IoT-related hardware and software projects
  • Installation of the Ardino UNO board as a simple microcontroller
  • Various techniques for developing systems based on machine learning
  • Full familiarity with the product development process

Course specifications​

Publisher: Yodemi
Instructor: Rajandeep Singh
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 46
Duration: 5 hours and 33 minutes

Course topics on 2021/11​

Build Your own Self Driving Car |  Deep Learning, OpenCV, C ++ Content

Course Prerequisites​

Basic Understanding of C or C ++

Basic Understanding of Digital Logic

Basic Understanding of Soldering and Breadboard Prototyping

Course pictures​

Build Your own Self Driving Car |  Deep Learning, OpenCV, C ++

Course introduction video​

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