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Steps: Launch Program >> Select Number Of Autoruns >> Navigate and edit "program.bat" script >> Generate your file.

You can inject your own code in start or at the end of the program.bat file before generating file.

NIRCMD Utility Tool is included !

You can edit registry with NIRCMD etc ..

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or just use some built in commands


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Make sure to put your file in same directory of "T Crypter + Binder" program, Import and generate!


You can check samples directory after downloading ;)
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Appreciate the tutorials :D

Im sure most people here are interested for the Crypter mainly
I'll check the nircmd functions, there can be interesting uses with this.

I want to ask. Is it possible to obfuscate parts of the code with different methods?
Currently getting 9/66 detect in VT which is still okay results

Will the Crypter project be maintaned?

Solid work bro
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